Shaun Farrugia is a talented airbrush artist with many years of experience. With an interest in drawing and artworks from a young age, Shaun discovered airbrushing whilst experimenting with different mediums. Fascinated with the tool and determined to learn to use it to its full potential Shaun spent four years undergoing extensive training at the Airbrush Venturi airbrushing school where he studied with Laurent Machiado. Here Shaun was able to fine tune his freehand airbrushing skills to the professional level he now exhibits. After finishing his studies, Shaun has taken on a range of freelance projects, completing both portraiture and automotive work for satisfied customers over a number of years. His work has been varied and diverse, including wildlife, portraiture & fantasy artworks. Shaun is able to render images with a stunning photorealism and has a passion for creating original compositions.

Whilst enjoying creating all types of artworks, Shaun's true passion is automotive work. Shaun enjoys working with the knowledge that in this field, customers will truly appreciate the attention to detail and the care that goes into each piece. He enjoys creating high end art work to match high end vehicles and has a true love for the imagery that is inherent in automotive work.